Best Nanny Cams To Buy In 2022

Nanny cams are by far the most useful device you can invest in to have convenient access when it comes to monitoring your child. Learn about the best nanny cams here.
Best Nanny Cams To Buy

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It might be difficult to keep tabs on what’s going on at home when you’re a working professional. Hence, most parents hire a nanny or babysitter for their kids who are under the age of 18. That being said, even though your kids might be safe with the nanny, you may still want to know what’s going on at home in your absence. 

That begs the question: what are your options when stranded at work or on a client meeting out of town? Use a nanny cam to your advantage. Using a nanny cam is a good choice for a variety of reasons, including monitoring children and pets.

It’s safe to say that nanny cameras have revolutionized how families raise their children. With the aid of current internet-enabled webcams, you can keep an eye on your children even if you can’t be in the same room as them, as long as you have an online connection. A few strategically positioned cameras may be used to monitor the area to keep a watch on your baby’s nursery, playroom, or other critical areas while you are away from home.

Defining what you mean by a nanny camera is a crucial first step in choosing the right one for you. It might mean different things to different people. For some, it means using the camera to assist the nanny, while for others, it means monitoring their nanny closely.

This list will assist you with both, but it’s up to you to decide which is more important to you: live-streaming or recording. An onboard memory card may be used instead of a subscription for the latter.

For example, looking in to see your weeping kid could be distressing to you, but it is possible that the nanny is out of sight because they are already heating the milk, which will stop the cries. A multi-camera pack may help lessen this type of irrational fear by allowing you to see more.

To avoid offending a nanny, be upfront about why you’re using cameras when you first meet them. You may simply be utilizing live view because you don’t want to miss out (that parental bond must be understandable). Assuming your system has the capability, be sure to explain how recorded footage might help clear a nanny of wrongdoing and how the video is kept private, just for the duration of an event, and not shared with anyone else.

So, before we get into the best nanny cams to choose from, let’s take a look at some must-have features, and you should know before making your choice.

Why Use A Nanny Camera?

You may wish to utilize a nanny camera for the following reasons:

  • You are concerned about the health of your kid.
  • You’re taking a chance on a new nanny with whom you haven’t yet built a rapport.
  • You’ll need a baby monitor, which can be found in many nanny cams.

Basically, having a nanny camera might provide you some peace of mind if you’re anxious about what’s going on while you’re not there.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Nanny Cam

Before you buy a nanny camera, there are a few things you should know about them. The law regulates security cameras, and nanny cams are no exception to this rule.

The usage of a security camera in your home is permitted, but there are a few limitations. A nanny camera can’t be installed in a restroom or a private room. You can’t record in a room in your home where the nanny may reasonably anticipate some kind of privacy.

This includes all restrooms and other rooms where the nanny might change clothing. You’ll want to set your nanny cam in areas where people congregate, such as your living room, den, or kitchen.

Audio recording is also a legal issue. Audio recording laws vary from state to state. Depending on the state, it may not be necessary to tell the person you’re recording of the fact that you’re doing so. Check out your local audio recording regulations before purchasing a nanny cam, if possible.

Aside from that, you’ll need to decide whether you want an exposed or concealed surveillance camera. It’s common practice to videotape nannies in the act of caring for children using a hidden nanny camera. To observe how your nanny really is when they let their guard down is a great opportunity for you.

Hidden nanny cameras are common in magazines, teddy bears, toys, and picture frames. You can obtain surveillance technology in your house with these devices. Exposed cameras, on the other hand, have their benefits.

To set up an exposed camera, you don’t need to attach it to any devices and keep it concealed. Anyone in the vicinity of an open camera will be aware of the fact that they are being filmed. Moreover, an exposed camera works as a warning for the nanny that you’re on the lookout, and they’re more likely to be more attentive toward your child. 

Things To Look For In A Nanny Cam

A nanny cam should have a number of characteristics that you should be on the lookout for when purchasing one. High-definition and Two-Way Talk are ideal for monitoring your child’s well-being while you’re gone.

High Definition Video

As with any camera, video quality is the most critical consideration when purchasing a nanny cam. A camera with at least 1080p HD resolution is what you’re after. You’ll be able to see more clearly if the video is of high definition resolution.

Be on the lookout for a high dynamic range (HDR), enhancing both color and detail. It’s also a good idea to verify the camera’s field of vision once again. A big living room may be seen well with a camera with a field of view of 130 degrees or more.

Two-Way Talk

The ability to converse with your nanny or kid on the other side is a critical aspect of this system. You can hear what’s going on and talk via the camera using a companion smartphone app. You may use this technique to soothe a sobbing infant or communicate with your nanny even if you’re not physically there.

Of course, it’s a good idea to start by looking into the rules in your area. You should also let your nanny know that you may communicate with her through the nanny cam so that she isn’t startled the first time you use it.


Wireless and wired smart security cameras are both options. However, it’s a wireless camera for a nanny cam. When using wireless cameras, you will not have to worry about plugging them in since they are portable.

For example, you may set the camera over your fireplace mantle or higher in the living room. You don’t have to worry about it being close to a power outlet since you can keep it out of the way.

Apps for Mobile Devices

Despite the fact that there are many nanny cameras on the market, many of them lack mobile apps. When you are gone, you will not be able to check in on your nanny and kid through your smartphone.

Many additional capabilities, such as Two-Way Talk, and alerts, may also be accessed through mobile apps.

Motion Activation

With motion activation, you don’t have to spend as much time monitoring the video feed to keep tabs on your kid. You can use alerts instead. Your nanny cam may be set up in a variety of ways to warn you whenever someone passes by.

A nanny camera installed in the kitchen lets you know whether your nanny and kid are receiving enough meals. If you want to make sure your nanny doesn’t get inside your private office or master bedroom, you may use these devices.

Face-recognition Software

It is possible to use facial recognition as a useful security measure. In the event that your nanny walks directly in front of your camera, you’ll be alerted. You may even program it to alert you when your kid returns from school or a friend’s house.

The best part is that it can inform you when someone you don’t recognize has entered the premises. With two-way chat and other capabilities, you’ll be alerted if the nanny tries to sneak in their boyfriend or girlfriend while you’re away. You may even use it to see whether your nanny visits private locations, such as your office or bedroom, by using it to monitor their movements.

Built-In Memory & Storage Space

Home security relies heavily on video storage. There are many benefits to using cloud storage, but it’s also a good idea to maintain a physical copy of your film in case the internet goes down.

To help with all of this, there is built-in storage. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your camera has access to the internet since it will automatically save the video. This simplifies the process of taking a look at the film and sending it to the authorities if required.

Efficient Power Source

Ultimately, the nanny camera’s power is the last piece of the equation. Several nanny cameras are battery-operated, while others must be hooked into an electrical outlet. Both of them are useful, but they also have drawbacks.

You’ll need a nanny camera that can both recharge its battery and be plugged into a power source. This will let you place the camera anywhere you choose and keep it switched on for a long time, giving you maximum freedom and extremely effective.

Our Top 5 Favorite Nanny Cams

Now that you know everything you need to know about nanny cams let’s delve into the top five nanny cams in 2021. Based on your requirement and budget, you should consider choosing your nanny cam from this list to ensure you get your hands on the most effective design. 

YI Dome Camera

YI Dome Camera

YI Dome’s camera delivers a lot of features at a reasonable price. It’s possible to capture large regions with ease when using a wide-angle lens with a field of view of 112 degrees. You can save as much video as you like in the cloud, but you’ll need to subscribe to do so. Additionally, motion tracking follows a moving item around an area while filming.


  • The camera is extremely affordable for the features it offers
  • The camera boasts of a 4X zoom capability
  • You can use this camera to get better angles by panning, tilting, and zooming


  • To access the cloud storage for the feed, you’ll need to purchase a subscription
  • You cannot connect this camera to your smart home devices

Tend Indoor 2

Tend Indoor 2

It’s hard to beat the pricing and quality of the Tend nanny cams. It’s equipped with facial recognition technology, so you can keep an eye on select members of your family or get notifications if someone new enters your home. Free cloud storage and two-way audio are included in the free seven-day trial period. The majority of users say it’s dependable and produces good-looking photographs.


  • The camera is extremely affordable for the features it offers
  • You get access to cloud storage at no cost
  • This camera offers the face-recognition feature
  • The camera offers a two-way audio feature


  • You cannot connect this camera to your smart home devices
  • Customers have complained about the connectivity

Wyze Cam 1080p HD

Wyze Cam 1080p HD

This Wyze nanny cam is the best value around for a low-cost, easy-to-use nanny cam. As long as you have a working Internet connection, you may stream live video from the device to your smartphone at any time. While in the camera’s field of view, users will get an alert on their phone when motion or sound is detected. Both live and recorded footage may be seen, and audio can be heard both ways. There are a lot of people who love this camera because of how reliable and affordable it is.


  • The camera is extremely affordable for the features it offers
  • You don’t need to get a subscription plan
  • This camera offers the motion tracking feature
  • This camera offers good picture quality
  • You get a 360-degree view with this camera 


  • You might face some glitching when it comes to alerts
  • You’ll face placement restrictions as this camera needs a wired power cord
  • Customers have reported network security concerns

Amcrest ProHD

Amcrest ProHD

Customers love this nanny cam because it’s affordable, reliable, and packed with functions. Some users complain that the software is challenging to set up and has bugs. On the other hand, most users rave about how clear the photographs are in all lighting conditions and how great a camera it is for the money.


  • This camera is moderately priced in comparison to its features
  • You can use this camera to get better angles by panning, tilting, and zooming
  • This camera offers good image quality 


  • Customers have often complained about issues faced with the app
  • You’ll need to get a subscription to access cloud storage

Nest Security Camera

Nest Security Camera

Nest’s camera is praised for its dependability, simplicity of use, and reliability. In fact, most customers think it’s well worth the price tag since it has so many features, including 24-hour recording, night vision, and two-way audio. A membership (beginning at $5/month for five days of storage) will allow you to save up to 30 days of film, but that subscription adds to the cost.


  • The camera boasts an 8X zoom capability
  • You can avail up to 30-day cloud storage with this camera
  • This camera offers the night vision feature 


  • The camera is relatively expensive when it comes to the features offered
  • Subscription plan required for full access to features and storage

FAQs About Nanny Cams

What is a nanny camera?

It is possible to monitor your children’s activities at home even if you are not around using a nanny camera. Many parents utilize a nanny camera as an additional security precaution, whether they are dealing with a new babysitter or a full-time carer. On the other hand, working parents frequently find it comforting to know that their children are happy and healthy at all times.

Do I need to be concerned about how I’m using the nanny camera?

Recording in your own house is perfectly lawful. But, when recording your caregiver without their knowledge, is it morally acceptable? No, it isn’t.

While cameras may help you understand the dynamics between the caregiver and your kid, recording without knowledge or agreement is not ethical, leading to a breach of trust and a complicated relationship as a result of this.

Both families and nannies benefit from cameras, which record everything that happens during the day if there is ever a dispute. So, be honest with your nanny and feel free to use the nanny camera without any guilt. 

Where to best place the nanny camera? 

Place the nanny camera in areas where no one expects privacy while using it. It’s better to think about communal spaces like living rooms, playrooms, nurseries, and kitchens than individual bedrooms or bathrooms. There’s no need to conceal the cameras, though, as parents should always tell nannies and babysitters that they’re there.


Most child care workers are compassionate and kind, but this is not always the case. You never know how someone will behave when you aren’t there, no matter how many references you check or how nice they seem. Unless, of course, you have a nanny cam that provides you with that information. If you’ve chosen to buy one for your house, any of our top 5 nanny cameras would be a terrific pick. Determine which features are most important to you and filter down your options to discover the best cam for your house.

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