EZVIZ Camera Review

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t quite justify branded home security devices, EZVIZ might just be the option you’re looking for. While you sacrifice brand prestige and sleek appearances, EZVIZ's devices are competent in their own right while coming in at affordable prices.
Ezviz Camera Review

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If you haven’t heard about EZVIZ, they are a China-based tech manufacturer that has been in operation since 2013. There are over 100 items in its portfolio, ranging from Alarms, NVRs, doorbells, sensors, and smart air purifiers. The most popular products the manufacturer has made within this impressive portfolio are smart security cameras.

Every time you purchase the EZVIZ cameras, you’re assured of three things; an easy setup and operation, lots of storage, and, most importantly, rock-solid performance. However, these cameras work best under a strong Wi-Fi connection, so be sure to have a reliable internet connection.

The cameras stand out from the rest because of their reliable surveillance features. They all have audio detectors, line crossing detection, area intrusion detection, and in-built face detection. They are also compatible with the EZVIZ app for mobile access and control.

Here’s a summary of the general pros and cons of EZVIZ cameras:


  • Ethernet Ports on several models
  • Mobile app integration
  • Local storage option
  • Excellent night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • IFTTT and Smart Home integration
  • Lots of customizable options
  • AI-backed 


  • Cloud storage subscription is costly
  • Some have Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Ethernet compatibility is only available on some models

In this review, we’ll be handling the best EZVIZ Security Cameras.



The EZVIZ C8C is one solid product from EZVIZ, feature-laden. However, if you don’t need the numerous features, you can try out cheaper alternatives.

In summary, the camera can be used for outdoor setup usage. That means it’s made with pretty hardcore components that can withstand the harsh outdoor climate. When connected to a good Wi-Fi network, it produces one of the most robust performances you can ever see on a security camera. Again, to mention the least, the camera gets praise for its striking looks.

Let’s dig into it part by part.


The EZVIZ C8C is among the most straightforward cameras to set up for one reason or another. It comes with a transformer plug to avoid messing with the junction boxes. You also get a drill template, screws, and plugs. So it now becomes easy when all you need to do is stick the template to your desired placement location and drill the holes.

We have four screw holes, but since the camera is pretty light, it could be safer to use two where there is limited installation space. However, it would be better and safer if installed on all holes. 

Build design and quality

The EZVIZ C8C is an absolute head turner. The camera is designed to look like a black upturned spherical device, one that you’d wish everyone to notice, except the intruder.

Other than the physical appearance, the build quality is unquestionable. The EZVIZ C8C is known to pretty much withstand all weather conditions. It is, therefore, suitable for outdoor placement, although you might want to hide it underneath something for safety. You can’t possibly risk such an expensive camera out in the harsh weather.


The EZVIZ C8C works as perfectly as is advertised. It showcases crystal-quality HD video and robust performance all through. In addition, the app is surprisingly intuitive, and there are tons of settings that you can adjust for ease of monitoring and access.

Then we have night vision. The way the EZVIZ C8C combines AI-backed person detection and floodlight operation is superb. The detection helps to tell between animals and people so that the alarm doesn’t cause unnecessary alerts or notifications. In addition, it creates well-colored images even in low light and night conditions. However, if you’d love only to have Black and White colors, the option is there to choose from the various colors.

Of course, the camera supports pan and tilt movements, which the app can easily access. For example, you can rotate the EZVIZ C8C through 95 degrees vertically and 352 degrees horizontally.

However, there’s no siren, and that may be one of the things people might be looking for in an outdoor security camera. On the brighter side, the EZVIZ C8C has one-way audio support that makes it possible for you to speak through it. If that’s the case, then who’s going to scare the intruder away in your absence?

Summary of the Pros and Cons of the EZVIZ C8C Camera


  • Offers color night vision
  • Easy to set up
  • Motion and face detection
  • Pan and tilt movements


  • It might be expensive for some users
  • One-way audio only



The EZVIZ DB1 can be thought of as a doorbell – A smart doorbell in this case. However, its reliability distinguishes it from the other doorbells, even in a busy home. Moreover, its app integration puts it a mile further than other ordinary doorbells. So what more does it offer?


Installing the EZVIZ DB1 won’t be easy for novices, so a professional would be better placed to do it. However, nothing is complicated for anyone with the smallest of experiences.

The EZVIZ DB1 requires the transformer plugged into an existing socket and the device installed on the front side of your door. After that, power the machine up and get your app ready. Next, the app prompts you to scan the barcode, and then it appends you to the DB1. What follows next is a setup program, one that no one would have trouble with when installing.

Again, everything is evident in the instructions manual. There are procedures on granting multiple people access, and so forth.

App Experience

The EZVIZ App holds several control settings that are at your disposal for personalization. The most important are the notifications settings, where you can set the frequency of the notifications, alarm area, among others. You can also adjust how sensitive the alerts are to your liking. For example, don’t have your phone ringing every time someone passes through by the door.

The app also allows you to offer other people permission to the doorbell. Well, you need to be cautious on whom you’ll be granting this access.


The EZVIZ DB1 is reliable in terms of operation. For example, when someone rings your door, your phone automatically notifies you and gives you a live video feed. Moreover, the camera supports two-way audio that enables you to either scare off the intruder or hold a conversation with the visitor. That feature will save you unnecessary trips to your doorstep.

Night vision is also on point and even better when floodlights are on. Finally, during the day, you get one of the best resolutions from a security camera, a 2048×1536 QXGA video resolution!

Again, in the presence of a good Wi-Fi network, you’ll get a glitch-free service for as long as you wish. 

Summary of the EZVIZ DB1 Camera

Top Specs:
  • 1/28 inch 3MP sensor
  • 180-degree vertical FOV, 105-degree horizontal FOV 
  • 16-ft night vision
  • QXGA night vision
  • Omnidirectional mic and loudspeaker
  • Supports up to 128GB MicroSD card
  • IP65


  • Top-notch video quality
  • The excellent and intuitive app experience
  • Two-way audio
  • The camera can resist harsh outdoor weather
  • Wide field of view


  • It is a little expensive



Expect nothing short of excellent quality from the EZVIZ C3WN camera. That is one of the latest entries in the EZVIZ Cameras portfolio, and it has so much to offer at a reasonable price. Here.


The EZVIZ C3WN’s design can be termed as unique. Why? It comes with antennas on both sides of the tennis ball-sized primary sensor for Wi-Fi. Moreover, the base is always fully equipped with a ball joint to ease angling.

We get a wire that splits to an Ethernet connector and power jack towards the back. That’s where you get to choose between a wired or wireless connection. The whole unit is usually rated at IP66. So it can comfortably resist weather conditions, including too high and too low temperatures.

The camera is designed to have a 110-degree field of view, which is pretty much good relative to the space you install it in. Again, the C3WN is excellent for its sound quality. You can hear what someone is saying within 16 feet from the camera’s position. That comes because of the inbuilt noise-cancellation feature.

The camera offers smart notifications and detection zones. You don’t need to constantly watch out on the live feed as the camera will prioritize the high-risk areas you set and notify you as soon as it detects motion.

Like most other EZVIZ cameras, the C3WN allows for multiple storage options. You can use the EZVIZ NVR or an SD card. Both are sold separately.

Setup and Performance

Before installing the EZVIZ CW3N, make sure you have a strong internet connection. Set up the camera within a good range of a Wi-Fi network and electrical outlet.

The dual antenna puts them in a better position to handle Wi-Fi signals. However, if you’ll need to use a wired connection, you’ll need to consider the distance your ethernet cable will travel (the power cable is 5 feet in length). EZVIZ should have done better to produce a long line for easy deployment of the CW3N.

Next is to mount the camera to an excellent position, probably holding three times the camera’s weight. You’ll also need to drill holes to hide the cables. EZVIZ provides you with a mounting template, screws, and anchors to help you all through. You don’t need any special tools for the job.

After you’re satisfied with how you’ve mounted your camera, it’s time to think of setting the surveillance angle. There’s a screw on the camera’s mount that you’ll need to loosen to adjust the surveillance business. The EZVIZ CW3N rotates at 360-degrees and pan at 90-degrees.

Summary of the EZVIZ C3WN

Key Features
  • 1080p Full HD vision
  • The Antennas help in Wi-Fi signal reception
  • IP66
  • Supports a MicroSD of up to 256GB
  • Excellent Night Vision (30 meters)


  • Offers excellent audio and video
  • The app is customizable
  • Easy installation and setup


  • No power-over-ethernet is possible



The EZVIZ C3X is another top-flight camera, although its app lacks the polish of its competitors from the EZVIZ family. However, it gets all the essential features right, and yes, it does the job pretty much well. The image quality is of good quality, same as its sensitivity and notifications.

It comes with multiple storage options, and you can escape the expensive cloud plan by storing your information on an SD card. 

If you’re looking for a well-made security camera for your outdoor needs, then the EZVIZ C3X is the go-to. But, first, let’s look into what it has to offer.


The EZVIZ C3X spots a traditional style with its spherical make and large dual antennas. The antennas are there to ensure you get a strong Wi-Fi signal. You are provided with a single mount for installation and three screws to fix it into place. The camera also has a ball joint for better placement.

The camera is powered by mains electricity, and therefore EZVIZ added a 6m extension cable for flexibility. You’re the one to decide where to run your line. There’s also the provision of an ethernet cable, but you’ll have to use it with the provided weatherproofing kit.

A MicroSD slot underneath the camera also substitutes the rather expensive cloud storage subscription.


Once you have installed the camera, it’s time to get the mobile app. Connecting to the app is super easy. 

The app offers you all the basic features you’d get from a security camera; live streaming, two-way audio support, and much more.

The app has two modes; the Home mode and Leaving Home mode. The Home Mode turns on motion sensors while the latter turns them off. However, the sensor detects motion and notifies you via the mobile app. 

On default settings, the EZVIZ C3X is bound to give you notifications on detected motion, but you will only receive that through a text message. However, the camera has a loud siren that will scare away intruders, although it might be slightly unreliable in urban settings.

Again, the camera should use its entire field of view to detect motion on default settings. However, that makes it raise too many alerts, which might be a nuisance to many. However, it is recommended you select an activity zone to focus on particular spaces.

The EZVIZ C3X comes with three motion detection techniques to choose from. Select that which suits you best and the situation at hand.

The app permits you to grant more people access to the system.

Concerning storage, the EZVIZ C3X offers the option of cloud or MicroSD storage. Cloud storage comes with a 30-day free trial, after which you can subscribe to several premium services subscriptions.

EZVIZ C3X Video Quality

We have 1080p resolution on the EZVIZ C3X and two lenses. One lens captures the ambient brightness while the other captures color. When both combine, you get one of the best resolutions on a security camera.

Night vision is as good as possible, especially when combined with a floodlight.

The Field of View is pretty broad; 106 degrees horizontally and 140 degrees vertically. So you’ll need to be careful about the positioning of the camera to focus on your intended space.

Summary of the EZVIZ C3X

Key Specs
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Full-Color night vision
  • Multiple storage options
  • Clear 1080p image
  • 106-degree FOV


  • Full-color night vision
  • It has a MicroSD slot
  • Excellent image quality


  • The mobile app is a bit hard to use
  • Cloud storage comes at an expensive fee

Honorable Mentions

People will often have varied tastes and preferences on the type of security cameras they’d wish to have. The same happens to EZVIZ cameras. We have hundreds of them, such that telling between several can be challenging. However, here is another model that might be of interest to you.

EZVIZ C6CN Internet Camera

EZVIZ C6CN Internet Camera

The C6CN EZVIZ is the best EZVIZ security camera for pets. However, it holds pretty compelling properties to qualify for regular use. It comes with a 1080p resolution video capture, Wi-Fi compatibility, and App integration. It is most suitable for indoor use.

The EZVIZ C6CN also supports panning movement 360-degrees. The camera heavily relies on Wi-Fi, so you’d want to make sure you install it in a room with reliable connectivity. It helps you stream and record surveillance footage day and night at uncompromisable resolutions.

The EZVIZ C6CN is not wireless. Instead, it relies on a provided 3-meter wire to reach a socket. You also get 2-way audio support that helps you scare the intruder away or pass a message to the other person. It also comes with a privacy mode.


EZVIZ cameras are quite a catch when it comes to home surveillance systems. Some of the popular features are their numerous storage options, ease of installation, and two-way audio support. 

They are also known for their easy app integration and ethernet app support. The options mentioned above are some of the best security cameras from EZVIZ. 

They have received massive positive reviews from satisfied customers worldwide for their effectiveness and reliability. If you don’t mind the lack of brand prestige and questionable aesthetics, EZVIZ devices are a prime choice if you’re looking to get the most bang out of your buck.

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