YI Security Camera For Homes

If you’re looking for an indoor camera on a tight budget, YI’s security cameras can be had for less than $30 each and works well with little to no maintenance and no subscription fees. This is by far the best value-for-money indoor security camera option, check them out in this guide.
YI Security Camera For Homes

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The idea of installing video surveillance equipment in your house as a security measure was once considered a drastic and expensive undertaking. In today’s technologically advanced world, deciding not to have video cameras put in your home seems like a strange choice for a homeowner. Video camera quality, recording capacity, and, most critically, affordability have all seen considerable improvements due to technological breakthroughs. At the same time, costs have dropped significantly.

Using home surveillance cameras, homeowners can keep an eye on their properties at all times. For various reasons, installing security cameras around your home is a wise decision.

It might be challenging to choose the best security cameras for your home because many are to choose from. People on a tight budget who want a safer home but can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on it may find this particularly upsetting.

Hence, in this blog, we’ll review the top security cameras for homes from YI, one of the most prominent security systems companies.

About YI Home Security

A camera and computer vision-based maker YI Technology, often known as Xiaoyi, is situated in Shenzhen, China. YI Technology was initially backed by Xiaomi. However, in October 2016, YI Technology split away from Xiaomi and dropped the “Xiaomi Yi” name.

A sub-brand called “Kami” was launched in late last year by YI Technology, which now distributes its products to over 186 countries worldwide.

Many awards have been bestowed upon YI Technology, both in China and around the world. The 2017 Red Dot Product Design Award and the 2018 DISTREE EMEA Smart Tech Diamond Award are two instances of honors.

Notable products of YI Security include:

  • YI Halo Camera (discontinued)
  • YI 360 VR Camera (discontinued)
  • YI Dome X Camera
  • YI Outdoor Security camera
  • YI Lite Action Camera
  • YI 4K Action Camera

While YI Security offers many more camera options, we’re focusing on home security in this article. YI Home Security Camera 360 and Yi 1080P Home Camera.

YI Home Security Camera 360

YI Home Security Camera 360

Comparable functions exist, but Nest’s home automation capabilities are missing from YI. While it costs the same to use Wyze, Wyze offers a free 14-day trial of its 360-degree camera. YI now has a lot riding on this.

While the YI 3 camera’s elegant design makes it a popular choice for home protection, it lacks mobility. Because the YI lacks a ball attachment like Nest Cam and a completely panning lens like Wyze, mounting it on a wall may be difficult.

The YI Home Camera 360 has a wide-angle lens to compensate for its lack of adaptability. The camera view can be found regardless of the form or height of the spot where it is placed.

YI Home Camera 360 Storage Capabilities

Depending on the tier that you select for monthly cloud storage, you can pay $5, $12, or $19 for the service. You’ll save $50 a year if you pay annually.

The $3.99 monthly basic plan is only accessible through the app and not on the website. Use both the mobile app and the website to find a bargain that fits your needs.

However, all Nest plans offer continuous video recording, which is not included in the monthly storage fees charged by YI. On the other hand, you get 14 days of free cloud storage for motion and sound-detected events with Wyze Cam Pan.

You can keep your photographs and films on the camera’s microSD card if you don’t need to use the YI camera’s internet storage. After placing an SD card into the slot, we were able to capture motion-triggered events for around three days in high-traffic areas.

YI Home Camera 360 Video Quality 

YI’s daylight picture quality will be excellent as long as the connection is stable. To get a better view of a scene, you can pan your smartphone screen left or right. There were no issues with the camera’s night vision.

Unfortunately, bad connectivity is a common problem with the YI 3. Opening the app would take anywhere from a few seconds to more than a minute. A few seconds can seem like an eternity when you’re impatient to discover what prompted a notification. However, the video quality could be described as shaky and, at times, blurry.

Occasionally, the app will inform you that the camera could not connect and urge you to verify your network configurations. However, that might not solve the problem in most cases. 

This causes many issues as you might that the app is connected, whereas it isn’t. So, while you’re assuming that the camera is capturing a ‘live’ video stream, you won’t actually find anything. Basically, this defeats the entire purpose of having a security camera in the first place. 

YI Home Camera 360 App and Notifications

Despite YI’s live feed’s shortcomings, motion sensor video footage and app notifications work effectively.

When the camera detects movement, notifications will be delivered to your phone. If you want to watch anything more than a six-second notifications clip, you’ll need to use cloud storage or SD card footage.

Since they don’t want their kids or dogs being overrun with notifications, they like being able to set the frequency at which they receive those notifications through the app.

The camera can be timed so that it doesn’t bother individuals who prefer not to receive messages while at the office or in the middle of a meeting.

YI Home Camera 360 Two-way Audio

A great approach to stay in touch with your kids while you’re away from home is to use cameras that have built-in two-way audio. According to customer reviews, when the YI Home Camera’s two-way audio works, the sound cuts out on both ends. That’s why security cameras don’t have this feature, even though it’s widely used.

YI Home Camera 360 Setup and Installation

The YI Home Camera 360 was easy to set up and didn’t require any special tools. The app and the camera’s audio prompt will guide you through the entire setup process. To get the camera up and running, download the Android or iOS software to your phone. Signing up with an email address and password is required after a few pages of self-promotional advertising. Your camera will need to be plugged into your router when you log in.

  • You don’t need to use screws to attach the camera base to a wall or any flat surface because it comes with adhesive.
  • You can use the magnetic base to adhere the device to a metal surface.
  • Using an extension cord to extend the length of the camera’s power cord is required if you wish to place it further away from an outlet.
  • Specifications and compatibility with other smart home products from YI
  • Using this camera, you won’t have to worry about anything because it links to Alexa and Google as well as other smart features that save you a lot of time.

YI Home Camera 360 Smart Home Accessibility

Previously, the YI Home Camera 360 was not compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, but that has changed with the release of the YI Home Camera 360. This is a major victory, as its inability to integrate previously caused it to fall in our rankings.

YI Home Camera 360 Sound Detection

The YI’s sound detection capability, which is performed successfully to alert clients to loud noises, can be adjusted by customers. Using the camera as a monitoring device for children or to catch your dog barking while you’re away is an idea worth considering.

YI Home Camera 360 Smart Detection

With its smart detection feature, this camera is able to differentiate between humans, animals, and suspicious behavior, which helps you determine if you’re dealing with a potential threat or just your pet. 

YI Home Camera 360 Smart Cloud

YI Cloud has merged Nest’s cloud storage rapid scanning technology so that you can easily browse thumbnails to find the footage you need.

According to customer feedback, these thumbnail photographs can only play video around half of the time. However, to quickly see the video, you can use a typical speed of 32 times.

YI Home Camera 360 Customer Service

Customers can contact YI customer support with their queries through email, phone, or live chat. In most cases, you can expect to hear back from a representative within 24 hours. This company’s customer support has open lines from 12:00 AM to 5:PM PST, considering they’re based in China.

Yi 1080P Home Camera

Yi 1080P Home Camera

Most smart home ecosystems now include a security camera. Many cameras are available to help you keep a watch on your children, pets, or even potential invaders. Such a home security camera exists in the Yi 1080P Home Camera.

No doubt you’ve deduced that it records in 1080p because of the name, but it also has features like motion and crying infant recognition along with night vision and two-way audio as well as internal and cloud storage. In addition, the setup is simple, and the appearance is clean and unobtrusive.

Yi 1080P Home Camera Look and Setup

Yi’s 1080P Home Camera is a standout as far as security cameras go. It’s a 5-inch-tall camera with a 2.5-inch-wide field of view that weighs less than 5 ounces. Additionally, you may quickly and easily connect to your Wi-Fi network to get started.

You’ll need to establish a new account after plugging it into the wall and downloading Yi’s app to your preferred device. Here, you must tap the add device button, wait for your camera to say “waiting to connect,” and then confirm the cue on your phone to connect. An automated connection is made possible by scanning a QR code displayed by the camera on your mobile device after you’ve signed into your router’s web interface. Do keep in mind that it only supports 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz wireless networks during the configuration process.

As soon as the two devices have been connected up, you can name your camera and select a room for it to monitor. The app does a good job of explaining what most of the choices do in the camera’s settings in an easy-to-understand manner. Motion detection and alarm frequency can both be customized to meet your preferences.

According to customer feedback, using the app to examine the camera’s live feed, experiment with alternative settings, or keep an eye on camera alerts was a breeze for the vast majority of users. Camera feeds can be viewed by friends or family members, and scheduling choices are simple and easy to use.

Yi 1080P Home Camera Quality

No matter what time of day or night, you’ll be able to pick out fine details of the images captured by this camera thanks to the motion detection feature, which will notify you of any activity. Additionally, you can set up motion detection zones inside the camera’s 112-degree viewing angle.

Furthermore, the vast majority of users say that the infant crying detecting feature does an excellent job. A few design flaws with the Yi 1080P Home Camera can make the experience a little perplexing at times.

Users will only be alerted about movement when it occurs on a timer during each cycle. Until the timer has been reset, no additional videos or alarms will be generated after movement has been detected, and the initial video was created.” To get additional security alerts during the cool-down period, you must reduce the timer from 10 minutes to 5 minutes or even 3 minutes. Spam notifications will be reduced, which is why this choice was made, but it’s an overly drastic remedy.

Yi 1080P Home Camera Device Storage

Storage is a constant concern with security cameras of any kind. The Yi 1080P Home Camera can save videos locally or remotely on 32GB cards with a MicroSD slot and a cloud-based subscription model. Because the camera does not come with a microSD card, you must purchase one separately.

Content in the local storage option is automatically wiped after four days if not used. This eliminates the need for frequent disc cleanup, but it does necessitate that you be aware of it in case you need to make a backup of any footage.

It’s your choice whether or not to use cloud storage when you first connect your device to the app or at a later time. Although the plans are complicated and pricy, they give you the peace of mind that your films are protected in the event of a malfunction.

Standard and Premium versions of the plans are available. Cameras with motion sensors are only supported in standard plans, whereas cameras with CVRs are supported in the premium plan. There are three main plans inside those frameworks: seven days, fifteen days, and thirty days. Amount of time your video will be available on their servers. As an example, if you select a seven-day storage plan, your first video will overwrite the previous storage period’s first video on the eighth day.

Prices range from $9.99 to $19.99 per month with the option to pay some plans quarterly or yearly, depending on which plan you choose.

YI Home App Review

The YI Home app is very user-friendly for customizing your camera’s motion and alerts. You can easily access options like activity zones and movement schedules.

In order to maintain the highest level of security for your personal information and video streams, the company employs special and cutting-edge encryption. Encrypted video transmission is also used to ensure that only the end-user can watch it.

Panning your phone from side to side to extend the camera’s field of view is also an option in the camera app. This is always a good idea because the more you can view with your camera, the more likely you are to notice any unexpected activity.

All of YI’s storage and monitoring settings are conveniently arranged within the app, making it simple to operate the camera. Additionally, the emergency link is a lifesaver that provides even greater comfort.

YI Camera FAQ

Is there a YI Home app for Windows?

The YI Home app for Windows is available, despite user complaints that it is difficult to use.

For the latest version of the software, you’ll want to utilize the YI Home app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Is having a wired security camera like the YI worth it?

If you plan to put several cameras on a large site, a wired solution is the best option. One-cable Power Over Ethernet (PoE) allows several devices to run simultaneously without overstretching your network, making it ideal for businesses.

Is it possible to have a YI Home Camera monitored by a third party?

It costs about $5 per month to add YI’s 24/7 Emergency Service button to your app. Pressing the button will connect you to Noonlight Certified Emergency Specialists.


  • A closed network makes it difficult to exploit this system. There’s no guarantee that wired will be completely devoid of problems as with any other option.
  • This network’s stability is also an important aspect, as it provides multiple options for placing the real cameras.
  • With this connection, you won’t have to worry about interference. Competing devices or small home equipment, such as a cordless phone or a microwave oven, might be sources.
  • For new building projects, wired security cameras are ideal because of the loud power equipment and the likely opening of walls during installation, which might cause interruption to an already occupied area.
  • The drilling and fishing method is best suited for an existing area and should only be used by a professional installation. Thanks to this method, cables and wires may be passed through walls and ceilings without disrupting the existing structure.


  • Check with the building management before installing anything in your leased area, as some may not allow tenants to alter an already existing structure.
  • You’ll need a camera with a backup battery if your location is prone to frequent or long power outages. Until the power is restored, this will keep things running.
  • Battery backup and network components can be used to avoid data loss during power outages in some instances. Memory cards or Secure Digital (SD) cards can be used to examine data from a camera that has an SD card or memory card reader.

Final Word

We like how the YI Home Camera 360 integrates smart cloud search, smart detection, and smart home integration from more expensive top cameras into this low-cost home camera (a recent upgrade). However, we wish YI had developed better technologies to avoid lag and maintain a stable video feed.

As a result of its ease of use, the Yi 1080P Home Camera is a compelling home security solution because of its helpful features including zone recognition and feed sharing.

The app’s settings are a little confusing, but the actual issue is the app’s inconsistent motion detection. A timely alert could be the difference between contacting law enforcement and preventing an incident from occurring entirely. It’s understandable if detection went wrong a couple of times, but this happened way too frequently.

There isn’t a lot to complain about in terms of the price and the design and feature set of the product. The Yi 1080P Home Camera may be a good option for monitoring less sensitive regions of your home, but you’ll need to spend some time micromanaging Yi’s smart camera, which is where the YI Home Camera 360 excels.

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