SimpliSafe Security System Review

SimpliSafe offers a complete home security system that is a great balance between affordability, flexibility, and ease of use. It can be fully set up in less than an hour, and does not require you to commit contracts to access monitoring plans. Learn why Simplisafe is a great option for your home security system in this review.
SimpliSafe Security System Review

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We live in a time when anybody can modernize their house with smart screens, linked lighting, and robot vacuums without the need for contracts or installation professionals. So why shouldn’t we be able to build up our own security systems to protect ourselves? That is SimpliSafe’s great promise: to turn us all into DIY home security experts. 

SimpliSafe is a reasonably priced DIY home security system that is simple to install and does not require a long-term commitment. Its equipment selection will suit most homes looking for a low-cost DIY security system, and it includes a modest range of well-integrated smart home devices. 

In this post, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of SimpliSafe in detail. Discover where this popular do-it-yourself system shines and where it falls short in the home security industry.

Unboxing SimpliSafe Home Security 

When you purchase SimpliSafe, there is some core equipment that is often considered mandatory to build a complete safety system. But, you also have the option to buy other add-ons and accessories.

SimpliSafe’s Core Equipment 

Each SimpliSafe starting kit includes four important components: a base station, a keypad, a motion detector, and an entrance sensor. Your system isn’t completely equipped to detect intruders until all four gadgets are present. Everyone who has a security system should start with this foundation. 

Base Station 

SimpliSafe Base Station

The base station is the center of the security system, connecting and controlling all sensors. It houses the backup battery that keeps your system running in the event of a power loss. It also powers the cellular connection, which contacts the monitoring center in the event of an alert. 

Whether or not you employ professional monitoring, the base station has an alarm built-in. Every SimpliSafe bundle contains one base station. However, the gadget alone costs $114.99

Wireless Keypad

SimpliSafe Wireless Keypad

​The keypad is a standard feature of both modern and older security systems. If you don’t have access to the SimpliSafe app, you may activate and disarm your security system using the keypad. 

Furthermore, because it is independent of the base station, you are still protected if the keypad is broken. Every SimpliSafe package includes a complimentary wireless keypad, but an extra one may be purchased for $69.99

Motion Sensor

SimpliSafe Motion Sensor

SimpliSafe’s motion sensor detects movement up to 30 feet away and about 90 degrees. It’s small enough to put on a shelf or place in a room corner. Furthermore, it can distinguish between humans and pets weighing up to 50 pounds. Additional motion sensors are included in some SimpliSafe packages, but you may add them to your existing system for $29.99 each. 

Entry Sensor

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

The SimpliSafe entry sensor has a pre-installed battery and a door chime setting to notify you when someone enters or departs the property. Entry sensors are best utilized on doors or windows, although they may also be placed on medicine or liquor cabinets. Multiple entrance sensors are included in some SimpliSafe device sets. One may be added to your system for $14.99

Key Fob

SimpliSafe Key Fob

The SimpliSafe key fob, like the fob on your vehicle keys, armed and disarms your security system with the push of a button. If you live with other adults, we recommend purchasing several fobs. Each fob is priced at $24.99


SimpliSafe 105dB Siren

This siren makes a frightening 105 dB noise and may be put either inside or outside the home. For $59.99, you may add a siren to your SimpliSafe equipment. 

Smoke Detector

SimpliSafe Smoke Detector

The SimpliSafe smoke detector detects smoldering flames and alerts the monitoring center while emitting a loud alarm. If you have the SimpliSafe app, you will be informed if the smoke detector identifies smoke while you are gone. 

On the other hand, if you have a Google Home speaker and a Nest Protect smoke detector, you can combine them with your SimpliSafe system. For $29.99, you may add a smoke detector to your SimpliSafe system. 

The Panic Button

SimpliSafe Panic Button

A panic button is a one-touch gadget that quickly activates your alarm. In the event that you are unable to access your phone or call for assistance, this personal alarm can contact the monitoring center. For $19.99, you may add a panic button to your bundle. 

Temperature Sensor

SimpliSafe Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is intended to detect freezing conditions that may endanger your pipes. Keep this in your basement or crawlspace to notify you when it becomes too cold to be safe. For $29.99, you may add a temperature sensor to your setup. 

Water Sensor

SimpliSafe Water Sensor

Puddles are detected by water sensors before they become large pools of water.  Install the water sensor beneath your sink, near appliances such as washing machines, or in your basement near the pipes to detect a leak or flood before it becomes a disaster. For $19.99, you can add a water sensor to your SimpliSafe system. 

Glassbreak Sensor 

SimpliSafe Glassbreak Sensor

The SimpliSafe glass break sensor isn’t included in any of the security equipment bundles, but you may add it for $34.99 per sensor to your system. 

It’s a helpful addition to any room with a glass window or door. This tiny sensor has been tuned to detect the sound of shattered or shattered glass. If an intruder, for example, smashes a window, the sensor will emit a sound.

SimpliSafe Accessories and Add-ons 

SimpliSafe’s basic setup consists of only four devices (the base station, keypad, motion sensor, and entry sensor). Different bundles include various combinations of the goods mentioned above. However, you may customize your bundle by adding and subtracting items. 

SimpliSafe Smart Lock

SimpliSafe Smart Lock

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock (about $99) is inexpensive in comparison to other smart locks, but it lacks sophisticated capabilities such as August’s open-door detection and Yale’s smart home flexibility. 

It’s also a little more difficult to include into a bespoke system because it’s not included in any starting kits or SimpliSafe’s customization menu. Instead, you must purchase it separately, which is unfortunate because the lock is inoperable without a SimpliSafe system.



The SimpliCam security camera (about $99) is a stand-alone device that may be used in conjunction with or without other SimpliSafe equipment. When compared to other security cameras, it’s a rather ordinary gadget with a few remarkable features. 

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell

One of the more inexpensive smart doorbells is the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro (about $169). However, it lacks the same robust night vision as competitors like Ring, Google Nest, and Arlo.

It’s also considerably more restrictive because it only works with SimpliSafe technology, rather than the wide range of smart home gadgets that the competition supports.

SimpliSafe: The Installation Process 

SimpliSafe, as the name implies, is simple to set up. For starters, all of the sensors and other devices are pre-paired with the base station. This means that all you have to do is connect in the base station, activate each device by pulling the battery tabs, then position the devices using double-sided tape. 

The keypad is very simple to use and includes both written and spoken instructions for the setting procedure. If you want, you may name each gadget depending on its location without using a smartphone app. The system may also be programmed to sound the alarm immediately or after a delay, and this option can be adjusted for each device. 

If you have the interactive plan, you may update the settings on the base station, via the mobile app, or via a web-based dashboard. Additional sensors acquired after the primary system’s installation can be synchronized at the push of a button. While SimpliSafe is relatively simple to install, professional installation is available for $79. 

SimpliSafe: Integrations 

Since SimpliSafe’s technology is proprietary, it does not function with Z-Wave or Zigbee smart home devices, and the only third-party device it will work with is the August Smart Lock. SimpliSafe has its own smart home gadgets, such as a smart door lock and video doorbell, but you cannot link your thermostat or smart lights with the SimpliSafe alarm system. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, can be controlled by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Watch. All of these automation capabilities necessitate the use of an Interactive monitoring plan.

Both SimpliSafe door locks, August and the SimpliSafe Smart Lock are retrofit devices that replace your current deadbolt, keeping the outside of your door and the bolt untouched. They offer remote control and keyless entry for your door.

SimpliSafe: Contracts & Guarantee   

SimpliSafe deviates from security system precedent by excluding contracts. There are no expensive cancellation fees to bind you to a system you dislike. 

You’re also not locked into a monthly subscription, and you may use professional monitoring only when you need it. If you desire extra security while on vacation, you may add monitoring for that month and then cancel with no charges or difficulty when you return. However, keep in mind that the SimpliSafe app cannot be used without expert supervision. 

You cannot get alerts or remotely arm or deactivate your system, and you have no direct connection to emergency services. The system will continue to function as an alarm with a siren, but you will have to seek help on your own.

How To Purchase The SimpliSafe Home Security System 

To purchase a SimpliSafe Security system, follow these steps: 

  • Get hardware: SimpliSafe has five distinct equipment bundles ranging in price from $229 to $489. You may even construct your own system by picking your own equipment. 
  • Select a monitoring strategy: Choose between two monitoring plans: the Standard plan, which costs $14.99 per month, and the Interactive plan, which costs $24.99 per month and includes remote arming/disarming via the mobile app, app alerts, secret alerts, video alarm verification, recordings from up to ten cameras, and smart home integration.

Pricing for SimpliSafe Packages 

One of the finest features of SimpliSafe is that it is a totally customizable system with five predefined packages. Firstly, the Haven package, which sots $489 is the most expensive, which comes with 14 different core hardware components. 

That being said, the most popular plan is The Foundation pack, which costs $229. This plan is specially built for modest houses and focusing only on basic home security. You can either choose a pre-set kit of components that are included in your plan, or you may select components to construct your own bespoke system from the ground up. 

SimpliSafe doesn’t generally sell packages that include these accessories; they’re add-ons, but we’ve seen the business include a SimpliCam as part of a special price deal. Besides this, you can add a SimpliCam at $99, or a video doorbell that costs $169. 

You can buy these accessories and add-ons to create an advanced home security system for your home. If you have a lot of first-floor windows, for example, a glass break sensor ($34.99) or extra entry sensors ($14.99 apiece; the system supports up to 100 sensors) may be useful. 

Adding environmental sensors makes sense if you want a one-stop home monitoring system that includes more than simply security. Besides this, you can avail of smoke detectors, freeze sensors, and water sensors, which notify you if there’s a leak or break somewhere.

Money-back guarantee for 60 days 

You must pay for your SimpliSafe equipment up in advance, but you have two months to test it out and determine whether you like it. Begin your countdown the moment you finish your order—the 60-day trial period begins the day you order, not the day you get the system. 

If you feel SimpliSafe isn’t the perfect match, you may return it within 60 days for a full refund and shipping reimbursement. 

Pricing for the SimpliSafe Monitoring Plan 

A minimum monthly fee of $14.99 For professional monitoring, a standard subscription with 24/7 coverage is offered. If a sensor is triggered, SimpliSafe will alert you, and if you do not give the safe word that you select during setup, police will be called.

The Interactive plan includes SMS and email alerts, the ability to use the Online Dashboard for better system control (more on that later), and the app to arm and deactivates the system for an additional $10 per month. If you select the $14.99 plan, you could use an online dashboard to see the chronology of your system, but you won’t be able to regulate it remotely.

Another interesting feature included with the Interactive plan is the ability to put up Secret Alerts. Certain sensors may be set to alert only, which prevents alarms from being activated. Do you have a well-stocked liquor cabinet as well as unattended adolescent children? Install an entry sensor on the door and set up a Secret Alert in the app to get notifications anytime the cabinet is opened.

If you do not wish to pay the monthly fees, SimpliSafe may be utilized as a local alarm. As a result, if a sensor is activated, it is your duty to notify authorities. There are no commitments or responsibilities, and you may start, stop, or alter your plans at any moment. This flexibility sets SimpliSafe apart from rivals like ADT Command and Vivint Smart Home, whose monthly monitoring fees vary from $50 to $60. Furthermore, with such full-service solutions, you need to sign contracts and risk hefty cancellation costs if you cancel early. 

SimpliSafe Review: Pros & Cons 


  • Price — Unlike other businesses that try to lock you in for a year or more, SimpliSafe does not need a monthly contract. The monthly fees are modest ($14.99 for basic monitoring or $24.99 for more sophisticated features such as managing settings and receiving warnings through an app). Pricing is current as of November 2019, and the one-time equipment purchase is extremely reasonable. The equipment comes with a 3-year guarantee, which means you can receive a free replacement if there are any problems.
  • Monitoring — SimpliSafe employs 24/7 cellular monitoring, so you don’t need a phone line, and even if the phone connection is severed, the system can still call for help. Monitoring covers not just burglary but also flood, fire, freeze, and carbon monoxide detection. You may also opt not to pay for monitoring and simply use the alarm and siren to notify you and frighten away intruders.
  • Wireless — Unlike many systems that are hard-wired into your home, SimpliSafe is fully wireless, allowing you to relocate sensors throughout your home with ease.
  • Ease of use — The setup procedure is quick and straightforward, taking around 30 minutes. There are no specific skills or tools required. The directions are simple, and they guide you through each step; anyone can do it.


  • Limited Integration – One of the primary cons of SimpliSafe home security is its limited integration with third-party devices. This highly limits your ability to create a truly connected smart home that is completely secure.
  • High Fees – While the fees for the home security system itself are quite inexpensive and at par with the other systems, the monitoring fees are on the higher end, especially when compared to some of the other alternatives on the market.
  • Low-Quality Camera – Be it the indoor camera or the outdoor one, the options and the quality can be quite low, especially when its price is compared to the better and cheaper cameras available on the market.

FAQs About SimpliSafe 

How is the home security system monitored by SimpliSafe? 

SimpliSafe monitors via a broadband internet connection. If the power or internet fails, a built-in cellular radio can connect to various networks, depending on where you reside.

What is the warranty on SimpliSafe?

From the date of purchase, every SimpliSafe equipment is covered by a three-year guarantee. Returning faulty equipment with a prepaid label will result in replacements being sent to you.

How can I get in touch with SimpliSafe’s customer service?

Customer support personnel may be reached via a form on SimpliSafe’s website or by phoning 1-888-910-1215 between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Furthermore, there is a Help Center on the Internet that addresses commonly asked issues.

What kind of text and email notifications are available to me?

Customers who sign up for the Interactive Plan will be able to get email, SMS, and smartphone push alerts. These alerts may be set to notify you when a certain action occurs, such as when someone opens a drawer fitted with a sensor (ideal for monitoring items like medication drawers or liquor cabinets) or when your child enters their pin code.

These alerts may be set to notify you when a certain action occurs, such as when someone opens a drawer fitted with a sensor (ideal for monitoring items like medication drawers or liquor cabinets) or when your child enters their pin code. The Standard Plan does not include alerts or self-monitoring, however, Standard Plan users will get a phone call from the monitoring service when an alarm is triggered. 

Will my pets cause the alarm to go off?

SimpliSafe motion sensors have been developed to ignore most pets weighing less than 30 pounds when set at least 5 feet above the ground. You may change the sensitivity of a motion sensor if your pets activate it. Even pets weighing less than 50 pounds, according to SimpliSafe, are unlikely to set off the alarm.

Is SimpliSafe compatible with emergency duress or distress code?

If you wish to covertly notify the monitoring service that an intruder is in the house, you can create an emergency code.

Is there a panic button on SimpliSafe?

No, SimpliSafe equipment will not work with another company’s thermostat.


SimpliSafe is a simple, low-cost do-it-yourself home security system. Its inconspicuous technology is excellent for tiny living areas but might fall short if you really need to safeguard a significant quantity of property.

SimpliSafe’s low-cost equipment and no-contract expert monitoring are hard to match for anyone seeking to enhance home protection on a budget.

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