Frontpoint Security Review

Frontpoint offers a streamlined suite of home security products on top of their white glove service. If you’re looking for a premium option for a home security system, Frontpoint has you covered.
Frontpoint Security Review

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Frontpoint Security Review

Frontpoint, a decade-old company, has rapidly become one of the top names in home security. Frontpoint makes DIY home security look as good as a security system installed by a full-service professional, along with no contracts and lots of custom features. With Frontpoint, you get the most streamlined home security and automation systems compared to most other DIY security systems. Frontpoint systems offer hassle-free DIY installation combined with excellent customer support. But this polish and array of Frontpoint equipment packages are more costly, which could deter folks that are on a tighter budget.

What We Like

  • Easy equipment installation 
    Frontpoint home security systems are specifically catered for homeowners who are looking for easy, hassle-free DIY installation. There are no setup fees or installation fees when it comes to installing Frontpoint’s equipment. It also doesn’t require any professional drilling or wiring.
  • Integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant
    Users can control the Frontpoint system using hands-free voice control from Alexa or Google Assistant and also supports Siri shortcuts. The Frontpoint system is also compatible with Z-Wave smart devices, which allows you to automate other smart devices like your lighting, thermostat, garage door, and more.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
    Frontpoint offers customers a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee on all equipment, and you can cancel your professional monitoring plan any time. If you decide that the system isn’t for you within 30 days from the day you receive your Frontpoint home security system, you can always return it for a full refund, including the shipping costs. 
  • Great customer support
    Frontpoint’s outstanding customer service support is what sets them apart from other DIY security systems in the market. The service is reasonably priced, competent, courteous, friendly, and the instructions to set up are clear and easy to follow.
  • Has Geofencing
    Geofencing is extremely useful when it comes to arming and unlocking your smart front door. If your location-based arming reminder feature is turned on via the Frontpoint mobile app, Frontpoint will know whenever you leave your home, and the home alarm system can perform a specific command. It will send you a reminder through a push notification if your home isn’t armed, giving you peace of mind, especially when traveling.
  • Free mobile app 
    The Frontpoint mobile app is free for all users and is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to control and monitor your security system using at home even when you are away from home. The Frontpoint app comes preloaded with a few scene options like Home, Sleep, Away, Wake Up, but users can also customize scenes based on different scenarios. The mobile app will send a notification via push notification, email, or SMS text message whenever the alarm is triggered.
  • Advanced equipment options for DIY
    For a DIY home security system, Frontpoint offers a wide range of security equipment that is required for a solid and complete home defense system. It has a range of sensors like motion sensors, glass/door sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, indoor and outdoor cameras, smart doorbells, panic buttons, and smart home automation devices. It even comes with a free identity protection plan.

What We Don’t Like

  • Average smart home abilities 
    Frontpoint’s smart home capabilities are somewhat limited and aren’t groundbreaking, but the system works ideally well with smart home automation like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control. It doesn’t sit high in the charts of smart home features, but it is a good starter system for newcomers in the smart home scene. 
  • Confusing panic buttons
    The panic button combinations on the Frontpoint keypad are pretty confusing, as it does not have a dedicated panic button with clear icons. Instead, it requires users to use different combinations for different kinds of emergencies. For instance, you would need to hold the numbers 4 and 6 for three full seconds if your kitchen is on fire. But if you require medical help, you would need to press and hold 7 and 9. 
  • Above-average costs
    Hand down, Frontpoint offers more features than an average DIY security system, but it does come with a heftier price tag. You would need to purchase an equipment package, and on top of that, you will also need to pay for a 24/7 professional video monitoring service. 

Frontpoint Equipment Package

The Frontpoint package has all the impressive security features you will require for a solid home defense system that comes with high-quality GE products. The smart hub and tough-as-nails keypad are the essential components of the Frontpoint home security system. The smart hub acts as the central command center of the system, connecting all of the components to the professional monitoring center and app. While the keypad is where users arm and disarm the system using a passcode. If an intruder damages any one of the components, the system will automatically alert the monitoring team. The smart hub encrypts information coming in and out of the home to be safe from online intruders and comes with a 24-hour emergency backup.

Frontpoint The Bunker
The Bunker

There are three different popular packages available, i.e., The Safehouse, The Bunker, and The Fortress. Users can also choose the option of customizing their Frontpoint system to fit the needs of the home. The Safehouse is a basic prepackaged plan for homeowners who want to keep it simple but feel completely secure. This plan comes with a smart hub and keypad, motion sensor, and door/window sensors, along with a yard sign, door stickers, and window decals. With this package, users can customize and add on any other products at any time. 

The Bunker package is an upgrade from The Safehouse package and is perfect for homeowners who want enhanced protection in a smaller home. It comes with everything you get with The Safehouse package, plus an addition of a smoke and heat sensor, an extra door/window sensor, and an indoor camera. The Fortress is the most comprehensive package available to date and secures any size home with its superior assortment of smart security technology. It comes with six door and window sensors, a smoke and heat sensor, two motion sensors, an indoor camera, plus the option to add on more cameras like an outdoor camera, so the home entry points will be covered entirely.

Frontpoint The Safehouse
The Safehouse
Frontpoint The Fortress
The Fortress

Frontpoint Monitoring Plan

Frontpoint home security systems offer a single professional monitoring plan which gives customers 24/7 professional video monitoring, fire, and environmental monitoring, and home automation. It also includes an industry-leading dispatch time to get you to help faster during emergencies. The Frontpoint ID Protect through Allstate Identity Protection that comes with the professional monitoring plan at no extra cost helps protect the identity and finances of owners from online threats using powerful monitoring tools.

The professional monitoring plan comes free if you pay for the equipment upfront. Or you can opt to finance the equipment as part of a 36-month contract and pay for the monitoring plan. There is no need to worry about installation fees since it’s a DIY setup. There aren’t any activation fees or additional hidden costs. After signing up, you can control and monitor your Frontpoint Security system with the Frontpoint app or utilize geofencing to arm or disarm the system when you are within a certain distance of it.

Frontpoint Home Security Cameras

Frontpoint offers four different security cameras that can connect to your smartphone via the Frontpoint app while providing clear and crisp footage. All four Frontpoint security cameras are as simple and hassle-free to set up as its other products.

Frontpoint Indoor Camera
Indoor Camera
  • The Indoor Camera is the most affordable Frontpoint security camera that offers decent surveillance of one room. This indoor camera is simple to set up and comes with crystal clear 1080p HD video quality. The Frontpoint indoor camera comes with a 110-degree area of view and advanced night-vision technology with a range of up to 15 feet. This is a good no-frills option for homeowners that are on a tight budget.
Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera
Premium Indoor Camera
  • As the name suggests, the Premium Indoor Camera is a step up from Frontpoint’s standard indoor camera that has a 180-degree wide-angle lens, digital pan and tilt, two-way audio, enhanced zoom capabilities.
  • It also has an echo-canceling microphone that makes it ideal for monitoring your home using remote access while you are away from home. The premium Frontpoint indoor camera also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker for music, podcasts, audiobooks, or anything else you would like to listen to, hands-free.
Frontpoint Outdoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
  • The Outdoor Camera is a WiFi-enabled camera that offers night vision and a weatherproof design. It does not come with two-way audio but has powerful infrared night vision that covers a 117-degree area of view with a range of about 40 feet so you can safely monitor your driveway, patio door, garage, backyard, and more any time of the day. Users can view live camera footage or watch video recordings from an earlier time with the Frontpoint mobile app.
Frontpoint Doorbell Camera
Doorbell Camera
  • The Doorbell Camera is one of the most popular Frontpoint security system products and is especially useful if you want to fend off porch pirates and package theft and know when guests arrive. It is equipped with a motion sensor and can capture videos even in the dark. The camera’s 180-degree viewing angle and infrared vision are able to see what’s happening in front of your door and beyond, day or night.

Other Frontpoint Add Ons

The Frontpoint system allows users to customize the security package with extra equipment to suit each individual’s needs by adding on additional devices. There is a lot of add-on Frontpoint equipment available like a panic pendant, extra keypad, home security, and environmental sensors to detect smoke, carbon monoxide, glass-breaking, and leaks/floods.

  • The Frontpoint Door/Window Sensor is small and completely wireless. It is also useful to secure medicine and kitchen cabinets, jewelry boxes, or other enclosures to protect them from prying hands. It will immediately send an alert to the Frontpoint Hub when any intruders are detected, triggering a high decibel alarm that you will definitely not miss.
  • The Frontpoint Motion Sensor uses advanced infrared technology that covers an area view of 90 degrees and about 40 feet range. This motion sensor is also built with a smart technology that will not trip the sensor and cause false alarms whenever a pet is detected in the coverage area.
  • Having a Glass Break Sensor to protect your windows is a piece of essential security equipment in most comprehensive security plans. The Frontpoint Glass Break Sensor is able to work within 20 feet of any window and uses pattern-recognition technology to detect the sound of breaking glass. Homeowners will be instantly notified whenever a Glass Break sensor is triggered.
  • When the push button on Frontpoint’s Panic Pendant is triggered, it will instantly sound a panic alarm and send customizable notifications to Frontpoint’s monitoring team based on the user’s medical or security needs. It comes pre-programmed to sync with the Frontpoint Hub and can work up to a connection range of 100 feet away from the Hub. With the Panic pendant, help is just a button push away.
  • Frontpoint’s Smoke & Heat Sensors are an essential addition to any home security system. It uses advanced photoelectric and heat detection technology to sense exceptionally high temperatures or even small amounts of smoke. In a smoke or fire emergency, the sensors will sound an alarm and contact the homeowners and notify the local emergency responder team.
  • The Garage Door Tilt Sensor by Frontpoint is compatible with all versions of garage doors. A wireless signal will be sent to the main Frontpoint Hub whenever the sensor is armed and tilted more than 45 degrees. It will then warn users with a high-decibel alarm, scaring off intruders.

Frontpoint Smart Home Equipment

Frontpoint smart home systems integrate well with home automation devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, or you can control your entire Frontpoint system via the Frontpoint app. Frontpoint has a number of smart home devices that are worth mentioning, like wireless light controllers, smart door locks, and smart light bulbs. Some of Frontpoint smart home equipment like the thermostat, light modules, and sirens are also compatible with a small list of third-party Z-Wave devices.

The smart home equipment offered by Frontpoint is nothing fancy, but it’s a good starter system for smart home newcomers. 

  • Smart light bulbs are smart LEDs that allow homeowners to easily convert light fixtures and lamps into smart lights without any hassle with wiring. These light bulbs are energy-saving and can be dimmable using the Frontpoint app. Users can also create schedules to automatically turn the lights off or on based on selected action, time, or day.
  • The Wireless Light Control is a simple and flexible smart plug that supports lamps and small appliances. This plug-in device allows homeowners to create custom scenes and schedule timed events, making it a great option to save energy by scheduling fans, lights, or even indoor Christmas lights for when you’re either home or away any time of the day.
  • The smart door lock provided by Frontpoint is a Yale Assure SL from the Yale Z-Wave smart lock range. Users can unlock the door and share unique entry codes for household members, family, friends, service providers, and renters with the Frontpoint app from anywhere in the world.
  • With Frontpoint’s sleek Smart Thermostat, homeowners can set up schedules and control the temperature and humidity of the home from anywhere in the world. In the case of a fire emergency, the smart thermostat will shut off your fans and furnace to reduce the risk throughout your home.

Frontpoint DIY Installation

Frontpoint security systems are tough, reliable, simple to install, and can be done in a matter of minutes. No professional installation, difficult drilling, or heavy wiring works are required, saving you a lot of money and time. All that is required is to order the Frontpoint system of your choice, wait for it to be delivered, and once it lands on your doorstep, simply open the box and set it up using the clear step-by-step instructions provided.

The package will come with default keycodes to get you started, login information for your personalized account, and detailed instructions about using the app and connecting your devices. 

Simply follow the simple instructions on the Frontpoint mobile app to first set up the main smart hub and keypad. Just plug in the hub and wait for the Frontpoint key logo to glow, which would take approximately a minute. You will then need to connect the hub to a Wi-Fi or LTE cellular network. 

Most of the Frontpoint security hardware comes with a peel and stick adhesive backing that sticks directly to the wall. All you need to do is peel the adhesive on the back, position the device on the wall, door, window frame, or any other flat and dry surface, press it well and hold it for 30 seconds. Only the most complex device like the smart doorbell requires only a screwdriver. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. 

Our Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a DIY security system that has multiple equipment choices, Frontpoint is a worthwhile security system for your home. Suitable for both renters and homeowners, Frontpoint doesn’t require a contract or credit check to qualify for the system. It offers an optional month-to-month monitoring plan which users can add on to their Frontpoint home security systems and cancel at any time. 

Installation is a breeze, and the customer service representatives are competent and can be reached every day of the week. While it’s not a perfect system and doesn’t offer much of its own smart home equipment, it can connect seamlessly with the Frontpoint app remotely while you are at home or away. The app is easy to use with its intuitive and well thought off user interface. 

The location-based uber-smart geofencing features and custom “Scenes” features are pretty impressive. Although Frontpoint would come out slightly more expensive compared to other home security systems in the market, the extra features and 30-day, money-back guarantee on equipment are well worth the money spent.

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